Review of the art work by Giorgia Massari

Milano 19-28 februari 2021

Elahe Jalili is a self-taught artist based in Stockholm. Her main interest is to create realistic paintings, especially she focuses on landscapes. She uses acrylic as main pictorial technique. The artist presents at M.A.D.S. art gallery the work entitled “Sunset and silence in the forest”. Elahe focuses on the theme of the exhibition “Love my body” and creates a work that depicts a forest, whose vanishing point is the light of the sun at sunset. The artist accommodates the theme by choosing not to represent a naked body, a stereotype or to exalt human defects, but chooses to represent a place, a state of mind. She represents a place that for her means calm, a place where her body and soul find peace. The connection with nature is an important point for the artist, especially the sunset is the moment of the day that gives peace to her soul. It’s the moment when the day ends and the evening begins, the moment when we let ourselves go and welcome the calm within us. From a technical point of view, the work recalls the landscapes of the seventeenth-century painter Claude Lorrain. Elahe Jalili takes up the same colors of the work exhibited at the National Gallery of Canada “Landscape with shepherds”. From Lorrain, Jalili also resumed the technique with which the painter performed the trees. In other places instead, Jalili resumes the impressionist technique of giving colors to patches, especially in the center, where the light becomes more intense, the artist creates small white patches, just to enhance the feeling of light that invades the darkness of the forest. With this work, Elahe Jalili invites viewers to find a balance, to find mental and physical peace through nature.

Giorgia Massari – Art Curator at M.A.D.S gallery Milano



Giorgia Massari